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Hi There, Honey

It’s buzzing around here because honeybees have checked into Sentinel and our sister hotels in Portland, Hotel deLuxe and Hotel Lucia. The city’s premier producer of artisan hyper-local honey, Bee Local, installed hives on the roofs of our hotels in April 2014 and the little guys are happily roaming around downtown, pollenating flowers and coming back to the hotel to make honey.

Our hives are sustainable, benefical for bees and good for the Earth. There has been a dramatic drop in the honeybee population in the United States in the past six years, with almost 10 million hives wiped because of colony collapse syndrome. The ailment is caused by risk factors common to large beekeeping operations, so fostering small colonies of urban bees, like those that Bee Local manages, aids in the recovery of the overall bee population.

The honeybees live high on the roof and fly up and away from the hotel when they make their rounds so, our guests won’t meet them in person. But, the bees that live at the hotels visit plants within a small radius of the hive, so when it is harvested and you taste the honey made at our hotels, you will truly be getting a taste of the neighborhood.

If you can’t wait until our hives are harvested, we stock Bee Local honey in your guest room honor bar at Sentinel.